Wildlife Gallery

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Gariep Dam has a lot to offer in terms of wildlife.

There is a number of nature reserves in the area and it gives the visitor great memories to take home. Drive through the reserves and take photos of
a variety of wildlife.

The rivers flowing into and out of the dam provides the keen fisherman with lots of opportunities to catch that big one. Gariep Dam provides its own opportunities
to take fishing serious with stories of fish to scary to tell.

The Gariep Route area provides a variety of birdlife from the Fish eagle
echoing its cry over the mountains to some of the smallest birds.

There is a Orange River Accommodation options available. Why not sleep next to  the Orange River and experience  the calmness of water running or stay in a Luxury accommodation overlooking the Gariep Dam area. The camping sites
in the area provide a feeling of being in nature.

We have some of the best star conditions in the area with little to no lights spoiling the view. When last did you or your children saw a shooting star? What about following a satellite taking its  path through the silent night. The milky way looking like a cloud running across the sky and yes all this stars viewed with your own eyes
without expensive equipment!

Take note: Gariep Dam is also known as Lake Gariep Route, the Great Gariep, or just as we prefer Gariep Dam and the Gariep Route runs around
the Gariep Dam Water area.

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