There is a variety of business in the area.. You will be shocked to see how things have grown. Gone are the days where Gariep Dam was a small town. Gariep Dam won the town of the year award and there are obvious reasons for this.

Gariep Dam has the biggest water mass in South Africa right next to the N1 halfway between Johannesburg and Cape Town. It is lake a inland ocean before you get to the ocean. If you want to drive on the Gariep Route around the dam it will take you about 2 hours with a 165km tar road sharing wildlife, history and hospitality on the way. On your way you must stop at the well known 1km bride near Bethulie to get that
perfect photo of the Orange River!

Drive from Bloemfontein on the N1 about 180km’s south and you will find Gariepdam on your left about 40km’s before reaching Colesberg.

 Gariep Dam and the surrounding areas are a good stopover for the weary driver. Do not underestimate the towns in the area with Colesberg being in the same race for the town of the year award also doing very well in the competition. This is a clear testimony of how well business is doing. Bethulie have I tar road connecting them to the N1 and this road runs to Venterstad with Oviston nearby with accommodation available. 
It is also an alternative road going to PE.

Business in Gariep Dam area is not just focusing on tourism with the Free State tourism or Eastern Cape tourism or Northern Cape tourism industry booming, other big organisations like Eskom, Gariep Dam Water affairs, Bloem water, the well known Gariep Dam fish hatchery and all the nature reserves in the area create some of
that needed jobs. You will find gift shops, shops, restaurants,
coffee shops, recreation, art and farming.

Gariep Dam has an airport with two +/- 2Km tar landing strips for people that enjoy flying to their destinations. This area is known for some of the best Gliding conditions in the world drawing pilots each year from all over the world. A world record was set for the longest distance travelled with a glider.  To hear different languages in town is an established phenomenon and this keeps business in the area booming.


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Gariep Dam
  Name Contact Tel Email
1. Abancidou Pharmacy Clive Fetting +27 51 754 0162
2. Gariep Dam Aviation Peter Howe +27 83 265 0581

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